How To Protect Yourself From Online Scammers This Christmas Season

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Last Christmas, I gave you my card, but the very next day, you stole my week's pay...


Christmas is right around the corner, and if you're the kind of person who just can't find the time to get into the busy shopping centre, you'll probably end up resorting to online shopping. Am I right?


But how can you recognise and avoid online scammers?  


Ray Pratt, Licensee Mildura Telstra Store, suggested remaining cautious of new stores that appear on social media advertising brand name goods, and checking URL addresses to ensure they are the correct address rather than a similar or misspelt URL to a well-known site. He also warned against fake discount vouchers that may circulate via email, and even SMS scams! 


Having protection on your broadband service and mobile devices certainly helps avoid these scams but the key is to really be alert to any unexpected links or pop ups that may appear and always shop from reputable and trusted on line stores.

- Ray Pratt


You can check out the government website Scam Watch, or speak to an expert at your Local Telstra store, to learn how to better protect yourself from scammers.


Happy online shopping!




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4 December 2018

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