How You Can Actually Help During The Bush Fires

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It's important to know that in times of disaster the workload for recovery is immense and roles are split up between different agencies to ensure that all areas of restoration are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Each role is equally and infinitely important to recover and rehabilitate our country and its people back into their regular lives.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated so have a read and decide where you think you can play your part in helping.


  1. Salvation Army Bush Fire Disaster Appeal
    The Salvos are amongst the affected areas providing meals for evacuees and frontline responders.
    The Salvation army will help with financial support and essentials for evacuees as the situation progresses

  2. Vinnies Bushfire Appeal
    Vinnies are providing food, clothing, essentials, and financial help, as well as emotional support to anyone effected by the bushfires.

  3. Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief and Fire Recovery Kits
    The Samaritans are helping with rubbish removal and property clearing as well as handing out fire recovery kits to help families recover valuable items from the rubble of their homes.

  4. Australian Red Cross First Aid and Emergency Support
    The Red Cross are supporting those already affected by the fires, giving immediate first aid and emotional support, working at evacuation centres, and helping people to make contact with loved ones.
  1. State-Based Brigades
    Donations made to state-based brigades helps them with essential equipment maintenance and upgrades, training and ongoing community work, enabling them to respond to fires as they arise.


    NSW: NSW Rural Fire Service 

    VIC: CFA

    SA: CFS

    QLD: RFBAQ. (Donate to individual fire brigades)

    WADFES. (Donate to a local brigade, group or unit)

  2. RSPCA
    The RSPCA care for animals such as koalas and are always in need of financial support to help them do vital work in caring for animals that have been injured or are suffering as a result of the bushfires.
  3. WIRES- Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation

    Wires are on the frontline rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. You can best support them via their WIRES Emergency Fund.


Jack Bingham

6 January 2020

Article by:

Jack Bingham

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