Huge Financial Incentives Announced For Queensland Police Recruits

As part of new campaign

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The Queensland Police are set to launch a new campaign with significant incentives in an attempt to recruit more officers.

The ‘Try It On’ campaign will see officers in training receive a boost in financial support when they sign up to one of Queensland’s two Police Academies.

Starting Wednesday, May 10, New officers will receive a cost-of-living allowance as well as a new recruit wage which will be accessible over their eight months of training.

The cost of living allowance will see new recruits have their wage increased to around $52,000 annually.

Live-in recruits will also have their accommodation fees waived which is estimated to save each officer around $200 a week.

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Queensland Police have also promised to waive all application fees which is expected to save new recruits between $718-$972.

In an attempt to fill positions state-wide, the Queensland Police Service will pay $20,000 in relocation costs to encourage trained officers to move to Queensland. This will be available to both interstate and overseas police officers.

In another win for Queensland police officers, recruits who achieve a Bachelor degree in criminology, psychology, counselling, human services or social work will receive $20,000 to put towards their HECS debt.

Minister for Police and Corrective Services Mark Ryan said the Queensland Government are making the biggest contribution to the Queensland Police Service in over 30 years.

“The government is making the biggest investment in policing in more than three decades to deliver more than 2,000 extra police personnel,” he said.

“These additional supports for new recruits will help the Queensland Police Service’s recruiting efforts in what is for all employers a challenging labour market.”

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Georgie Marr

10 May 2023

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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