Huge Head Clash Sees Two Stars Forced Off

Massive clash.

9 April 2017

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(Image: Channel 7)

A massive head clash between Michael Hurley and Jacob Weitering has seen both players forced off the ground.

Watering, while running alongside Hurley, copped a bump from Bomber Patrick Ambrose.

The bump forced Weitering's head to slam back into Hurley's head.

The 20-year-old was down on the ground for a while before being assisted off the ground by trainers.

"Weitering's in the rooms (with) blood coming from the hairline, so he had a gash in the head," Michael Roberts reported for Triple M.

"He could have had one on his forehead too."

Weltering later returned to the bench and put the club track suit on.

Hurley looked like he had escaped injury, but Roberts reported he had a huge egg over his right eye.

"Michael Hurley taken off the ground, (they've) put him through a concussion test," he reported.

"They're taking a photo now of his forehead, there's a big lump over the right eye. So the doctors have actually taken a photo (and) showing him that egg over that right eye."

He later returned to the ground, looking frustrated on the bench.

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