Hyperloop - Could It Be The Transport Of The Future?

Forget plane travel if this works

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It's fair to say in WA, transportation outside of the metro area is... disappointing.

No thought put into connecting our distant communities in a serious way for such a long time.

Why don't we have high speed or bullet trains like in Europe and Japan?

Why don't we have decent train systems to our regional areas, full stop!?

Maybe this is what we need to look at - Hyperloop.

The man behind the Tesla car and SpaceX, Elon Musk, is proposing Hyperloop as the way of the future for transportation.

Tests done during the week showed a test of the XP-1 flying through at 305 km/h (190 mph) with no resistance.

Musk's goal - to get this baby cruising at over 1100 km/h!


Just think about that - you could get from say Bunbury to Kalgoorlie in say 45 minutes?

Need to get from say Narrogin to Perth to Geraldton? Could be one trip in 15 minutes and another in about 30 minutes.

This could connect communities better, could mean more chance of growing regional communities and attract people away from a cramped metro area and get them back into the regions!

Could this be the future? If it is, sign me up!

5 August 2017

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