"I've Been Shocked With The Crowd Support"

The Strikers Got 35,000 In Jan

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Both Mark Howard and Brad Haddin expressed their disappointment in the current crowds at the T20 World Cup.

With the exception being games featuring India, which have been a spectacle in their own right - over 90,000 at the MCG for their match against Pakistan, Australian games in particular have underwhelmed.

Around 20,000 people turned up for the host's must-win game against Afghanistan in Adelaide.

"It is early in the summer for cricket.

"I've been surprised by the lack of crowd support at Australian games throughout the tournament," said Howie.

Whilst Haddin shared his thoughts on the current situation.

"It is at a different time of the year. Sort of in that winter/summer period.

"We're used to these big events right at the back of summer when we have an appetite for cricket."


4 November 2022

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