I Want To Be On Top of the List: Two Councillors Argue Over Who Has Their Name First

Council Meeting or Kindergarten?

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I want to be number 1. No, I want to be number 1!

Thursday night’s Coffs Harbour City Council meeting was like a scene from a kindergarten at one point, after two councillors were arguing over who’s name would be first on the list for a steering committee.

Cr George Cecato and Cr Paul Amos had been named as two representatives for a steering committee for the Jetty Foreshore.

However, when concerns were raised that just one representative may be chosen, Cr Amos asked that his name be first on the list before Cr Cecato.

This then led to Cr Cecato immediately standing up and saying that he wanted to be first, before outlining why he should be the first name on the list.

Law abiding, owning a business, and political leanings were some of the points that Cr Cecato raised in his address to councillors.

“I consider myself to be a middle of the road conservative”.

Cr Amos then outlined his passions for the Jetty Foreshore, the Northwall and why he should be on the committee.

“I fought tooth and nail to have the hand rails lowered”.

“I’m proud of that, I did that”.

Cr Knight spoke about the committee saying that she was proud of her councillors.

“I couldn’t be more proud to have both councillors on the committee”.

After going around in circles for more than 30 minutes both were nominated with no particular order defined.

It will now go to State Government to confirm whether they accept one or two councillors as representatives.

23 July 2020

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