A Passionate Plea for Tassie

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Triple M Hobart's Brian Carlton gets loads of mail everyday, but the plea from this person has a clear message for Tasmanian drivers.

18/11/20 emailed to [email protected]

Hi Brian.

I have tried numerous times to contact Southern Midlands Council about the speed and speed sign on East Bagdad road.

They put me forward to people who never call back, then when I can talk they tell me to put my concern in email.

The speed limit on the Midlands Highway is 80km then you turn off to East Bagdad road and 1min up the road there is a 100km sign.

The road is narrow and mostly dirt with an almost cliff drop off in some points on the left hand side. In some sections you can’t physically pass another car without slowing to 30km

There are open driveways every 50m ... people riding horses, kids walking dogs and everyone owns animals.

Every time I travel up there, there is some idiot who flies past at a stupid speed right at the last second swerves back onto their side (as you can’t travel fast keeping on your side) which puts me right on the edge and you just get a wave as they go past like ‘oh crap sorry’ instead of a hello wave.

Every time I travel there I see at least 6 dead animals on the road, most are hard to pass as they as large wallabies etc. It’s horrible to be constantly swerving around dead animals, possums pet ducks and echidnas make a regular appearance tacked to the road.

Then yesterday there was a dead Tassie Devil (pic below)

Please can we do something to slow down the idiot drivers of that road and protect the wildlife and also the residents.



(pic source: facebook Bagdad Community -Alerts and Community News)

19 November 2020

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