If You Thought Sydney Property Prices Were Bad, Wait Until You See This Property Listing

Is this... suitable for work?

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There's a lot to unpack here so we're going to dive straight in: A Sydney real estate agency has released what may be the most insane property listing since the beginning of time.

LJ Hooker Bankstown has gone above and beyond what's usually expected of an estate agent and has commissioned a couple to dance/ dry hump their way around a property in Padstow.

While the original video has been removed from the listing, someone stuck it on YouTube so you can still enjoy it in all its glory.

To be fair, it looks like a pretty sick house - although it's hard to concentrate on the matte gold taps and pool when there's a man and a woman writhing on the kitchen counter.

Sam Nader, LJ Hooker Bankstown director, told news.com.au that the owner "loves" the video.

"People are driving past the property every single day," he said. "It's just creative marketing, we wanted to get as many eyes on the property as possible."

Nader did admit, though, that the original video - the one that's being shared - was "a bit more raunchy" than they anticipated, which is why it was pulled from the listing.

The company has since issued a statement, saying: "LJ Hooker Bankstown is always looking for new ways to market our listings; however, this time we missed the mark.

"We understand that our recent video circulated on social media promoting one of our listings may have been taken out of context by some and for this we apologise.

"We have removed the video from our digital and social media channels."

If you're in the market for a four-bedroom house in Padstow, check out the full property ad here although we can't guarantee you will look and/ or dance like the pair featured in the commercial.

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Deirdre Marie

17 April 2019

Article by:

Deirdre Marie

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