Iggy Pop Releases Surf Wear Line

Just in time for Christmas

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The king of punk Iggy Pop has teamed up with Billabong to release an exclusive collection of surf wear.

The unexpected team up features Iggy Pop’s retro tour posters and images from his solo career and his time with The Stooges.

See the official release video:



The singer’s insta-famous pet cockatoo, Biggy Pop even gets featured in one pair of shorts.

In an official statement, Pop says;

"I don't have great taste in clothes, so I don't wear much of them. I usually wake up and stay nude for three or four hours...and when I feel like getting formal, I'll put on boardshorts...Life is better in boardshorts."

Can’t deny that we can relate to that statement.

The line of board shorts, t-shirts and even towel is available for men and women and available online here

It’s been a huge year for the 70 year old punk rock king, who’s been busy touring his 2016 release Post Pop Depression around the world, Pop proving you can have Lust For Life at any age.

Cassie Walker

6 December 2017

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Cassie Walker

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