Infectious Disease Expert Professor Sharon Lewin Explains Victoria’s “Conservative” And “Unique” Lockdown Strategy

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Infectious disease expert Professor Sharon Lewin joined the Hot Breakfast this morning and explained Victoria’s lockdown strategy.


“From a medical point of view, what the government is trying to do is use the data that they have to avoid a third wave, or coming out of lockdown too quickly,” Prof. Lewin said.

“And I’d have to say the plan is a very conservative approach, it’s probably one of the most conservative approaches I’ve seen globally on lockdown and coming out of lockdowns.

“But I think Victoria is in a pretty unique position, and that’s because we are one state within a country that’s got very very low numbers, many close to zero.”

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Professor Lewin said that Victoria had to share its end game goals with the rest of Australia.

“If you look to Europe and other places you’ll see that many are taking a middle ground, they’re accepting low level of infections as long as they’re stable and opening up,” she said.

“[They’re] accepting these low level infections, New York City in the hundreds, that sort of level, in South Korea, you know, 60-100, that sort of level.

“Our approach has been a much more aggressive approach, because there’s still this desire to get to a level that we can open up with the rest of Australia.”

Professor Sharon Lewin also discussed how our response compares to other countries and cities, how likely we are to get a coronavirus vaccine, how long we’ll be using things like masks and more.


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Rudi Edsall

7 September 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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