Investigation Uncovers “Dirty Cash” Laundered Through Pokies

Billons fed through

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Billions of dollars of “dirty cash” is being funnelled through NSW poker machines, an inquiry into money laundering has found.

Of the $95 billion spent on poker machines each year however, the NSW Crime Commission (NCC) said it found little evidence in its investigation to determine just how much is being laundered as the proceeds of crime.

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Eight recommendation were made following the investigation including the introduction of mandatory cashless gaming cards and enhanced data collection from gaming machines. 

Commissioner Michael Barnes described poker machines as one of the few "safe havens" left where cash from organised crime could be "cleaned".

"At the moment serious offenders can enter NSW pubs and clubs, sit down next to patrons in gaming rooms, and openly feed large sums of cash from their crimes into poker machines with no real fear of detection," he told the ABC.

"These basic reforms will help exclude vast sums of dirty cash that are primarily the proceeds of drug dealing.

"I'm sure venues won't argue they should keep receiving that."

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26 October 2022

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