Investigations into Howrah Beach Water Contamination

High levels of contamination

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Investigations are underway for ongoing water contamination at Howrah Beach.

The beach has recorded high levels of bacteria, with the water quality in the middle section downgraded to poor, and we're being warned not to swim in the water.

Clarence Mayor Doug Chippman says they're investigating the problem and whether it's from stormwater flooding the sewage system during heavy rains.

“The fact that during high rainfall stormwater system plugs into the sewerage system, and we will be working with Tas Water as quickly as possible to solve that problem. We have advertised for a new stormwater specialist who’s able to assist us investigate the cause of the problem.”

He also said that in the meantime, it’s important we play our part to help the situation.

“For example, cleaning up after dogs, if you’re washing your car doing it on a lawn rather than on a driveway and allowing all the dirt and suds to wash into the stormwater system. Anything people can do to protect the water in the stormwater system would be very helpful.”

Council will take urgent action to improve the water quality of the beach, and will be holding several community information sessions, for more information visit

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Triple M Newsroom

29 June 2021

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