INXS Fans Set To Lose Their Minds Over New Michael Hutchence Music Release


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INXS and Michael Hutchence fans already frothing over the much anticipated release of the documentary Mystify: Michael Hutchence (released July 4 in Aussie cinemas), will just about lose their minds when they discover that a new album of choice tracks, rarities and even some spoken word is being released in honour of the great man.

Titled Mystify: A Musical Journey With Michael Hutchence, the album is a labour of love between INXS's long time manager CM Murphy and mate Mark Edwards.

Their vision for this release was not just to release a soundtrack... rather, they wanted to take the listener on a musical journey, with Michael Kelland John Hutchence at the helm.

Murphy recounts a few of the "spookier" moments when they were collating the album.

“Over four weeks, Mark and I would work through late, spooky nights together dealing with Michael’s past work while turning it into new work, a new body of work. There were plenty of tears of remembrance along with tears of joy as we were doing something Michael would love. Late one night, Mark called me from the studio yelling: ‘Mate, there are ghosts everywhere flying around the room”’. He described: ‘every time I could not decide if Michael would like the direction of a track he would get down on his knees to pray to Michael and God’ and he said, they would always answer him.”

Most of the tracks will be familiar to INXS super fans, but for those who are yet to discover just how proficient both Hutchence and the band actually were back in the day, strap yourself in. Alongside some INXS gems like Devil Inside, Shine Like It Does and Black And White, there's some rare INXS tracks like Let It Ride and the cracking Move On, as well as some of Hutchence's rare solo stuff, such as Under My Thumb (a Rolling Stones cover with the London Symphonic Orchestra) and All I'm Saying.

Catch a sample of what to expect...

The soundtrack is set for release July 5, one day after the release of the doco. It will be released on all formats, including a super cool double vinyl.

Including material from the INXS archives

Let It Ride • Deliver Me (Demo) • Black & White • Need You Tonight (Live 1988) • Under My Thumb** • Please (You Got That)

What You Need • Don’t Change • Spill The Wine* • Move On • Need You Tonight

Devil Inside • Love Is (What I Say) • Baby Don’t Cry • All I’m Saying* • Shine Like It Does

Burn For You • Viking Juice • Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) • Original Sin • Never Tear Us Apart***

* Michael Hutchence
** Michael Hutchence & London Symphony Orchestra
*** Michael Hutchence, Mylène Farmer & INXS


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24 May 2019

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