INXS Future Proof Their Legacy With Big Announcement

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7 June 2018


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INXS have made a major announcement that will hopefully ensure the Aussie band's impressive legacy for decades to come.

It was announced earlier this week that Giles Martin (son of arguably the most influential music producer of our time, George Martin), will take up creative duties for INXS as executive music director.

Giles Martin With George

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This means that Martin will hold the creative reins on all audio components for future projects, including the potential for musicals, movies and reissues of the band's quiver of studio albums.

Most recently, Martin worked with the band on a Dolby Atmos mix and reissue of INXS's most successful release, 1987's Kick. It was released last year to celebrate 30 years of that album's existence.

The band released a statement, in which Martin said the following:

“INXS are one of the most important rock bands in history, I am honoured to be collaborating with them again and look forward to contributing to the spectacular experiences the band are creating for their fans.”

- Giles Martin

The band's long-time manager and friend, Chris M Murphy, adds:

“Giles Martin’s track record speaks for itself. We need to ensure INXS’ incredible music and extraordinary story is heard by and told to future generations and as such, we want the best eyes and ears partnering with us across all our innovative and exciting upcoming projects. Giles is a dear friend of the band and someone we can trust unquestionably to deliver outstanding creative input and a rare musical perspective.”

So, we expect some big things from INXS in the coming years.

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