Irish soccer team blunder - FAKING A PLAYERS DEATH TO CANCEL A MATCH!

He had just flown home to Spain!

29 November 2018

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An Irish soccer team is facing a league ban after faking a player’s death in order to postpone a match.

Ballybrack FC were so dependent on their star player Fernando Nuno La-Fuente that when the Spanish import decided to return home for a week, the club decided to inform the Leinster Senior League that La-Fuente had died in a motorbike accident.

The league cancelled the following fixture for Ballybrack and the directed the other league matches to hold a minutes silence prior to that round of games and for all players to wear black armbands to honour La-Fuente.

The Spaniard was playing video games when he learnt of his ‘death’ back in Ireland.

"I was playing some video games and suddenly I got a call from work and they said 'You're a celebrity.' That's how I found out that I was dead,"

 La-Fuente said he always knew something was amiss as the club had contacted him beforehand to tell him to ignore any forthcoming statement from the Leinster Senior League that might claim he had "an accident."


The league became suspicious when they enquired about the player’s funeral arrangements, and Ballybrack had no convincing answers.


The question remains, what were the club going to do when the star Spaniard returned from home?

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