Is Brendan Fevola's New Daughter's Name Legit Or A Stitch Up?

A Triple M Investigation

28 November 2018

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Image: @foxfm on Instagram

At 8 this morning, Brendan and Alex Fevola welcomed their baby daughter safely into the world.

Triple M Footy sincerely congratulates the couple for the arrival of their fourth child - but we smell a stitch-up afoot.

Speaking on the Fox FM breakfast show this morning, Fev told his co-hosts that he has named his new daughter Brenda.

That's correct; his own name with an 'N' missing.

Fifi Box immediately smelled a rat, saying: “Ah! Good gear!” while laughing.

But Fev denied it was a joke, later commenting that “yeah well if it had have been a boy it would have been Brendan Jr”.

Newscorp have since reported the name Brenda as fact, and the Hit network are yet to deny it.

But as Fifi herself said, "I have worked with this man for three years … every day is a stitch-up … everything is a prank or a joke."

The Fox FM Instagram page shows a baby photo celebrating the birth of 'Brenda':

However, Fev's own Instagram mysteriously has not included the name of his new daughter:

The Victorian registry of Deaths, Births and Marriages also shows that the name Brenda reached peak popularity in the early 1950s, and has not featured in the top 100 female names since the year 1967.

This means the name is a far departure from the very modern names of his three other daughters - Mia, Leni and Lulu.

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