"Is Fifita Really The World's Most Hated Man?"

Roy & HG investigate

18 March 2017

Image: Getty Images

Andrew Fifita made the news again this week, speaking out about his tumultuous 2016 after controversy surrounding his support for one-punch killer Kieran Loveridge.

"I was the world's most hated man," Fifita said, reports smh.com.au.

"But at the end of the day I walked away with a ring and a premiership to my name. That's the main thing. We got through it. And as soon as the grand final happened, we got right away from the game, which was the best thing for my family and I."

The Sporting Probe's Roy & HG decided to investigate whether this claim was true, given it's quite a big statement from Fifita.

"That's some comp," Roy said.

"I had a look at the betting on that, and I'm not sure when the deadline is for acceptance, but by golly, there's some people on the list," HG said.

"Kim Jong Un, Putin's there - and this surprised a lot of people, but Tom Cruise is also there."

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