Is that HONEY real or fake?

One in five samples aren't 100% pure

3 October 2018

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It’s delicious. It’s sugary. It’s golden. It’s sticky. And it turns out... it may be fake.

An investigation launched by scientists at the Macquarie University has revealed that almost one in five honey samples across Australia are NOT 100% honey, or adulterated meaning they contain traces of non-honey substances.

Fortunately, for us folk here in the West the problem appears to be isolated to the Eastern States. 100% of WA produced honey is pure, compared to the shock of New South Wales where 50% of honey stocks are currently adulterated.  South Australia also can celebrate with 100 % pure honey brands, Victoria and Queensland sit around a third of samples. Tasmania has one in five adulterated honey samples.

Sadly, for our friends across the ditch, the bees mustn’t be working too hard because 100% of New Zealand's honey supply has non-honey additives.

Another foreign honey to wary of are Chinese products... which are 50% adulterated.

The solution  for West Australians is obvious: buy local and enjoy that 100% pure, sweet, golden nectar!

Sean spoke to a special friend from the 100 acre wood about the honey issue on the Breakfast Show, which you can listen to below!

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