Is This How To Fix The Refereeing Problem In The NRL?

Reclaim the game.

30 July 2017

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With growing resentment for some of the dodgy referee and Bunker decisions fermenting in the NRL, Triple M and NRL 360's Paul Kent has called for some simple changes to be implemented to fix the game and stop the over-refereeing.

Firstly, to properly clean up the ruck, Kenty suggested on Triple M Sunday NRL that refs blow more penalties to get sides in order and stop all the 'directing' that the refs do. This will cause teams to quickly adjust their playing style to adapt to the new rule, and ultimately cut down on the number of indiscretions in the long run.

"I'm over the referee calling the player by their nickname," Kenty said.

"They call them by their first name, their last name, their nickname - they need to go back to referring to them by their number.

"They need to get back some authority in the game which they don't have.

"The NRL created a rod for their own back. They said the players they weren't going to tolerate the players talking to the referee unless it's a captain at a certain time in the game, which is a break in play. Every time there's a penalty now, there's an argument. What they should be doing is just marching the guy ten metres."

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