It Ain't Easy Being Green: Mountain Dew Have Released Their Own MTN DEW Body Wash Blast

Mmmm. Sugary.

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Look, we're more Solo fans around these here parts but in the spirit of Christmas, we're willing to concede that maybe, to some people, what we're about to share with you might be appealing.

Mountain Dew, the neon-green soft drink that has made its way from America to Australia, has released a limited edition body wash that contains actual Mountain Dew.

You know what's great to wash with? Sugar. So... Sticky.

Best Products first reported on the release, after a number of journalists at the publication were sent the shower gel.

It all started, say Mountain Dew, when someone Photoshopped a picture of what they called "MTN DEW Bodywash Blast" next to "Doritos Nacho Cheese Moisturising Face Wash", sending the internet into a tail spin.

"MTN DEW body wash became an internet sensation two years ago, when Reddit user u/WoopDeeDo brought his vision to life through the magic of art," Mountain Dew said.

"The image was shared across social media, and many of our fans said the same thing: Make. It. Happen."

But when they say limited edition, they mean it; only 250 bottles of the wash have been made, and sent to "friends of Mountain Dew".

According to one person lucky (or unlucky?) enough to get their hands on the body wash, it smells exactly like Mountain Dew, which is no surprise because it is, actually, made of Mountain Dew.

Whether or not it ever hits shops, or Australia, we don't know.

But if this story has piqued your interest, it's probably a good time to remind you that Microsoft released an Xbox inspired fragrance with Lynx earlier this year, as reported by our friends at Press-Start.

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Deirdre Marie

23 December 2019

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Deirdre Marie

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