It's Finally Happened: Jacks Black And White Have Collaborated On New Music

"Jack Gray"

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Like night turns to day, it seemed inevitable that Jacks Black and White would eventually collaborate on the music project of our dreams.

And now there's proof that they have - and it's going to be called "Jack Gray".

Black last night released an 18-minute video on his Jablinski Games YouTube channel, in which he and fellow Tenacious D member Kyle Gass travelled to White's Nashville studio to record a new song.

The White Stripes frontman even gives Black a tour of the Third Man headquarters, though the pair could barely keep a straight face throughout.

"It's kind of a museum, it's a recording studio, it's an art house, gallery... and now we're heading over to Jack White's house, to record a single," Black said.

"And me and Kage [Kyle Gass] have been working on a jam, but it's not quite done. Needs a little work.

"But I think that's where Jack White's gonna come in, and help us pull it over the finish line."

He added: "This is a legendary collab. Jack B, with Jack White."

Since there was no filming allowed in White's house, we know precisely nothing else about the project, except for Black's declaration that "it's a stone-cold jam".

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to bless our ears, but in the meantime, watch the full, delightful video below.

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Deirdre Marie

13 August 2019

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Deirdre Marie

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