"It's A Cop-Out"

Bennett blows up

12 May 2017

Wayne Bennett has rubbished claims that rugby league players are more susceptible to scandals such as the alleged cocaine dramas of last weekend, saying that it's a "cop out" to make any excuses for such behaviour. See the @7NewsQueensland video below.

This comes after Sharks chairman Damian Keogh, Kevin Proctor, Jesse Bromwich and Shaun Kenny-Dowall were all caught up in headlines during the rep round.

"We don't need more education. There's not one person standing here today and not one guy on this footy team who doesn't understand the consequences of drugs," Bennett said.

"You can't stop it, I can't stop it. It can't be stopped.

"Until we stop making excuses for it and blaming alcohol like they did the other night, and put our hands up and say we got it wrong and it's our behaviour. We need to stop all the other rubbish that goes around it.

"I played the game and I wasn't a risk-taker. I knew the consequences of my actions, and most of the men out there knew the consequences of his actions.

"I think it's another cop out."

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