It's MAYEIGHT! Time To Break Through The Banter With Your Mate

It's What Good Mates Do

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Triple M is proud to support MAYEIGHT, helping men form better friendships and be there to support their mates. 

One in four Australian men have few or no social connections at all. 

One in three of us aren't satisfied with our social connections. 

70% say they are there to support their mates, but only 48% feel that their friends provided sufficient support.

Which is why we take time every May 8 (May-eight!!!) to check in on the mates we care about. 


The theme this year is "break through the banter". Yes, hang shit on your mate about their rubbish footy team; sure, wind them up about something at work; and definitely grab a quick coffee with them. But today, we're asking you to go a step further. A step that might feel uncomfortable or weird to start with, but it's a step we don't do often enough - and it will literally help save lives.

Find out your mate how their travelling. Ask what's really going on in their life. Maybe even remind them how much you appreciate their company and time. A simple, quick chat makes the world of difference, especially for blokes in their 30s and older, whose lives have got busy with work, family, and financial pressures.

Strong social connections are an important protective factor when it comes to maintaining good mental health and wellbeing, so we are encouraging guys to take the time to catch up with their workmates and have a chat about what’s going on in their life. It’s as simple as just grabbing a mate, heading out of the office and getting a coffee. Break through the banter and find that time to have an important conversation.  

75% of all suicides in Australia are men. If we’re going to address this national health crisis, the issue of blokes staying socially connected is critical.

So get around your mate on May 8 and break through the banter.

For more advice and information, check out  

And, as ever, don't suffer in silence. If you or someone close to you needs help, talk to Beyond Blue or Lifeline who you can call on 13 11 14.

7 May 2018

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