It's Summer Again

And Cricket Is On !

Cliff Reeve

23 November 2017

Cliff Reeve

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How do you know it's summer in Australia?


Can't hold the steering wheel, putting the bins out without wearing thongs is a gamble with all the prickles in the lawn, easterly winds that will drive you bonkers?


All of the above, however there is a unique noise that comes from backyards across the country, Bill Lawry impersonations, "GOT "im!!!!" and protests to Mum because Joe won't go "out"


It's backyard cricket time !


Because we were largely baseballers our games were not pure cricket, I can't hit a bumped ball and I wouldn't know how to bowl a googlie if you paid me.


There seems to be however a generally accepted set of rules and guidlines that have been followed for generations.


At our place we had, no fasties, you can't bat all bloody day, give the little kids a turn and of course, the universal, over the fence six and out, and you have to go and get it.


Some grounds had one or two unique rules. At our place if you hit Mrs Lane's wall on the full it was still a six even if it bounced back to our yard, and you were still out.


Drinks and toilet runs could be made at any time and stumps was when Mum said so even if the team was on a roll.


LBW was just too hard to figure, unless Dad umpired because he knew the rule, and we told himthe kids we didn't really like and wanted to get rid of because they'd invited themselves over in the first place.


Do back yards even have room for a modest pitch these days?


Thank goodness we did.






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