It's Time

Not Just For Gough's Birthday

Cliff Reeve

11 July 2017

Cliff Reeve

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Today is not only the anniversary of Edward Gough Whitlam's birth, it's time for a real change.

I came across something I wrote last year and given the current move from a WA Liberal Senator I figure it might be timely to revisit the sentiment, which, if anything, I believe has solidified further.


Today is the 2016 National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, especially in our schools.

I wouldn’t mind betting there are many people who wish there had been such a program when they were at school, which as we know, can be nothing short of torture.

It’s coincidentally this afternoon that the 2016 Rally For Respect will be held to highlight the Choose Respect program in Bunbury and the South West. I’ve hosted the rally in previous years but sadly that is not possible for me today.

All of this is about making our homes, workplaces and essentially our schools, safer for those people who don’t fit into the “normal” mould.

Bullying whether due to homophobia or not is unacceptable, and can have effects lasting way into adulthood. Suicide is not uncommon.

This morning I watched the Education Minister outline the changes that will be made to the Safe Schools Prog which had come in for much criticism recently. Was it a true anti bullying program, was it age appropriate, was it as some of the looney far right suggested a gateway to a gay lifestyle?

Honestly, I don’t have kids at school, I have not read all the lessons so maybe the opponents had their points, I would however say I’m very pleased that a Safe Schools ideal is still in place, albeit with significant changes.

I hate to have to point out to the likes of Senator Bernadi and George Christensen, who seems to have a kind of obsession with porn and sexuality given his recent stance on this matter and same sex marriage, that parliamentarians cannot legislate against diversity.

You also cannot pass legislation against bullying, what can be aimed for is a country with tolerance and acceptance and hopefully a happier day not just for our kids, but everybody.



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