Jack Watts's Melbourne Sledge Gets Put Into Context

This explains it!

15 October 2017

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Jack Watts appeared to have a dig at Melbourne yesterday when a video emerged of him responding to a young fan.

"Unfortunately, the Demons don't value kicking too highly," Watts said in the video.

It seemed like it was a dig at the Demons, but the video he was replying to has emerged that puts it all into context.

It was a message from young Demons fan Teddy, who was pleading with him to stay.

The Herald Sun published the video of Teddy, who is a neighbour of Watts' manager Robbie D'Orazio, saying the forward needs to stay.

“Hi Jack Watts. We really need you to stay because you are our best kick. We love you. Go Demons," he said, before busting out into the team song.

Certainly puts Watts' response in plenty of context - the Demon wasn't sledging the club after all.

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