Jacko Dishes The Dirt On Kane Cornes

"We thought he was squeaky clean!"

22 March 2017

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Roo asks Jacko whether there have been any players at Port Adelaide who tell porky pies to get out of something.

"We never tell lies at Port Adelaide," said Ditts.

Jacko piped in and said "we never muck up Ditts! Nah there was an interesting one, but Kane Cornes was a master of having a couple of excuses..."

The boys were gobsmacked, "Kane Cornes?? We thought he was squeaky clean!" 

Jacko: "He was a master. There was a community youth program which you give up your time to help out kids out in the public... and Kane used to always say that his budgie was crook!"

Roo: "His what?! How do you know when a budgie is crook?"

Jacko: "He reckons he had a budgie. Well, when it's dead then..."

What a whopper! When have you told a lie to get out of something?

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