Jake Owen To Sing at Carly Pearce and Michael Ray's Wedding

down to the honky tonk...

Shania Twang

11 March 2019

Shania Twang

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OK, so we're huge fans of Jake Owen's current single "Down To The Honky Tonk" and if he were singing at a wedding we would totally want him to sing that song - but would Carly Pearce and Michael Ray...?

Owen says that being asked to sing at the couples wedding was really flattering for him.

“I’ve never been asked to do anything like this, and I didn’t know I was a wedding singer. I was at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and during that time, Michael Ray was there, and I played that night on stage, ‘Made for You.’ Afterwards, Michael came up, and he was like, ‘Man, I don’t know how to ask you this. This is kind of weird, but Carly and I love that song. If you’re in town, will you play it at our wedding?'”

“I’ll be honest,” he continued. “I was overly flattered, and I will 100 percent do it for them, because I will be in town. I already marked it off my schedule. They’re great people, great artists, great singers.”


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