James Brayshaw's Most Embarrassing Brownlow Medal Story

"I didn't mean it to!"

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James Brayshaw flashed back to his first ever Brownlow Medal for the Friday podcast on Triple M's Rush Hour, and a run-in with a Brownlow Medallist that he never once got to live down afterwards.

It was eventful for a young JB, sat at the Triple M table, who didn't know how strict the rules were at Crown Palladium for netering and exiting.

"It was my first time going to it. I wasn't aware of how things worked," he explained.

"And I wasn't aware you get locked in the room."

He only figured it out when he was busting to go to the toilet!

"I stood there next to the door, because at this stage I really, badly needed one. So I stood next to the door for the whole of the third segment, thinking 'right, as soon as the door opens I am hitting the rockets and getting to the toilet'," he said.

"Third segment finishes. Guy opens the door, and I had to bolt past 100 people..."


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16 October 2020

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