Jane Kennedy Explains Her Decision To Depart Kennedy Molloy

"I want to do the right thing."

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Triple M's Jane Kennedy has explained her decision to depart the national drive show in 2021 to co-host Mick Molloy and the listeners, saying she wants to "do the right thing" by her five kids.

Jane made the call to walk away from the show in 2021 to support her five young kids and their schooling, thanking everyone for all the love and support she's received across the last three-and-a-bit years.

"This year I have two university kids, I've got a VCE/HSC student, I've got two Year 9 (students) all living at home," she explained.

"I thought I could juggle everything...when you do a show like this, which I love - and Mick and I have both been around for a long time - you put a lot of effort into it and you want it make it a good show, and I just felt I couldn't do a hundred percent with kids and with a radio show.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I've loved it...I want to do the right thing by my kids."


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Ethan Meldrum

18 January 2021

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Ethan Meldrum

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