Jarryd Blair Explains What It’s Like To Be Delisted

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Ex-Collingwood small forward Jarryd Blair joined the Hot Breakfast to explain the process of being delisted this morning.

Blair was delisted at the end of last year, with the process caught by the crew of a documentary called Collingwood: From The Inside Out.


“I think the longer you go on, you sort of pick up all these cues on how your story’s gonna play out, so that day I wasn’t going into it blind,” Blair said.

“It comes down to little things, [like] you look at the bunch of guys who are getting, having their exit interviews in that bunch, there might be a block of four and you go ‘there’s four guys there that are probably not gonna be here next year’… there’s no Steele Sidebottom in my exit bunch that day.

“So It’s tough, but you sort of know it’s coming.

“It’s a little bit of a build up throughout the year where you don’t want to acknowledge it, you’re still trying to progress your career, but you go ‘things are looking a certain direction, and I’ve got time to prepare for it’, I suppose.”

Blair said he had no dramas letting the documentary crew film the process.

“Mainly I knew what was gonna come,” he said.

“I’d done a fair bit with Josh (Cable, producer of Collingwood: From the Inside Out), throughout the year, we’d had different interviews.

“Obviously it wasn’t the story that I wanted to tell at the start, when he started filming, but that’s the way it had panned out, and that was probably the buildup and the end of my story which obviously had some sort of impact and would have given a good insight into a footy club… in the end it wasn’t really tough for me, I was happy for him to be in there.”

Blair also discussed his favourite career goal, being a member of the short footy player club and more.


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Rudi Edsall

14 August 2019

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Rudi Edsall

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