Jars Gets Caught Lying By The Boss!

Dead Set Legends

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This weekend our very own Andrew Jarman asked our boss Matty O for some Cab Charges in order to 'take a client out for dinner'.

Little did Jars know that the cab charges keep more of a record than originally anticipated.

Upon discovering that Jars got home from 'dinner' past 1am, the Dead Set Legends boys jumped in to do some investigating.

Just to make sure they got the full truth, the boys got Matty O on the line to ask Jars a few questions...

Want to hear the exact moment Jars knew he was busted? Listen here:

Matty O really lets Jars have it, and rightly so!

If you're going out drinking on the company Jarsy, invite us next time.

Listen to the whole 'story' as well as Jars' roasting below


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22 March 2020

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