Jay Clark And Bernie Vince On Brad Crouch’s Potential Value On The Free Agency Market

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With reigning Adelaide best and fairest winner Brad Crouch looking likely to be on the way out of the club, Jay Clark and Bernie Vince discussed his value on Dead Set Legends with Joey, Jay and Emma today.


“North Melbourne are definitely out (of the race to get Crouch),” Jay-Z said.

“I just wonder, Tim Kelly gone, Joel Selwood now 32, probably gonna move out of the centre square as he gets a bit older, is Brad Crouch who you can get for free under the free agency rules… is he that midfielder who would just be a perfect addition to the Geelong engine room?”

Bernie said it makes sense.

“Geelong have a good history of recruiting these type of players, and to get him for nothing is a big bonus, don’t have to give up any draft picks,” he said.

“As you said some of those older guys coming out of contract will have to drop back a bit, and in the past they’ve taken little cuts to get cuts to get players like this in.”

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They tossed around the potential size of his contract.

“I feel like what’s gonna happen is here Adelaide, they’re gonna offer him a deal, but it’s gonna be something that’s likely over three years,” Bernie said.

“You don’t want to be coming out of contract at 29, or 30… I feel like they’re gonna offer him something to say ‘nah nah we wanted Brad Crouch, we’re gonna offer him something’, but it’s sorta gonna be a touch unders to stay, and the years will probably only be three years.

“And he’ll go ‘you know what I can get probably 100, 150 [thousand] more if I go to a Geelong and I get five years.

“You know the security of that, to getting paid, say, what’s he gonna get, 650, 700 [thousand], something around that mark?”

Jay agreed that was probably the right money.

“I reckon 650 is fair money”, he said.

“So two extra years at 650, rather than coming out of contract at 29, 30… I think that’s what they’ll do to cover their backside, Adelaide.”

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Rudi Edsall

1 August 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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