Jay Clark Says The WA Clubs May Be The Only Teams That Have To Play Out Of A Hub

On Dead Set Legends

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Triple M Footy news breaker Jay Clark had an update on the footy quarantine hub scenarios on his show Dead Set Legends with Emma Freedman and Joey Montagna this morning.


“The really interesting crossroads the AFL are at now is do they go with a hub phase initially, so like a five, six week block to begin with,” Jay-Z said.

“Or maybe do they hang on, Joey and Em, until like July and then sort of as Eddie McGuire’s being saying, just straight up fly in, fly out.

“Now, this is a state government discussion, so it’s hard to get the absolute perfect read on this at the moment.

“But the AFL is working really hard to get these travel exemptions across all states, and maybe New South Wales is, they’ve already got it.

“But whether it’s Queensland and SA are the next to go, that would allow basically fly in, fly out normal football in all of those states.

“Possibly the most stubborn here is WA. They’re probably being most resistant at the moment.

“So potentially that raises the situation whether the WA teams will be the only teams… to have to play in a hub over here on the Eastern seaboard.

“So all the Victorian, New South Wales, Queensland, SA clubs can sort of fly across the eastern seaboard as much as they like, [but] the WA boys maybe have to station themselves over here for sorta four to six weeks.”

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Rudi Edsall

2 May 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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