Jay Clark Talks About Nathan Buckley’s Contract

Selfless effort by Buckley

30 April 2017

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Jay Clark has given an update on Nathan Buckley’s coaching future on the Sunday Rub today.

Buckley is contracted until the end of this season at the Pies, and Clark said that the single year contract was of Buckley’s design rather than the club’s.

“When they designed his last contract, Nathan Buckley actually pushed for it only to be a one-year deal,” Jay-Z said.

“He said to the club ‘look just give me the one year because by the end of next year (that’s this season, 2017 season) you will know whether I can coach or not.’

“As I understand it, his manager said ‘hang on Nathan, whatever you do get a two-year deal, that’s an extra $600,000’.”

Buckley held firm, however.

“Nathan was the one who pushed and said ‘no, I only want a one-year deal because if I do get the sack I don’t want the club to face a $600,000 dollar pay out’,” Jay-Z said.

“So to his absolute credit Nathan Buckley, he was the one who said it was only a one year deal.

“I think we all sort of assumed it was the club who pushed that, but it was Nathan Buckley.”

Buckley’s future is looking a little rosier at present, his Pies lead Geelong 7.9 (51) to 5.4 (34) at half time.

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