Jeff Horn's Already Copping Plenty Of Sledges From His Next Opponent

'I’m guaranteeing it 100 per cent.'

26 October 2017

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Australian welterweight champ Jeff Horn and his challenger, English boxer Gary Corcoran, are already trading plenty of barbs. 

The two are on a promotional tour of Australia ahead of their fight on December 13...but the war's already started for Corcoran.

He's already been dishing out a bit of heat to the Hornet, calling him the "most limited" welterweight champion. 

"Of all the welterweight champions, I think Jeff is the most limited," Corcoran told The Daily Telegraph.

"That’s why I’ll be taking his belt.

"And I tell you know, it’s happening. I’m guaranteeing it 100 per cent."

There's even an Ashes vibe to some of them!

"England are going to beat Australia in the Ashes series and I’ll be taking that WBO title home too," he said.

“I just think Jeff’s the most limited champ in our division. Before fighting Manny Pacquiao, I didn’t even know who he was."

The two are stuck together in vans and hotels on the tour, but Horn's trying not to befriend Corcoran.

"I don’t want to like this guy," he said.

“Come December, I’m going into that ring to knock him out — it’s the whole point of what we do.

"And I’d rather not do that to somebody I like.

"But in saying that, this is the boxing world. And whenever I step through those ropes, no matter what has happened on the outside, nobody is friends."

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