Jenna Clarke Announces She’s Leaving Triple M Breakfast

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Jenna Clarke has announced this morning that she’s leaving Triple M Breakfast with Basil Zempilas and Xavier Ellis.


"I am like Baz, and have been juggling three jobs for the past couple of months," Jenna said this morning.

"I was offered an amazing opportunity with Sky News a couple of months ago, to fill in and host a TV show, which is quite late at night… it’s a 9 o’clock start, 10’clock finish.

"So we’ve been juggling to see how that has gone, and then they have decided to offer me the show full time, which is amazing."

Jenna explained that having commitments at both ends of the day has meant she’s had to make a hard decision on her working life.

"Obviously it’s quite difficult to juggle the 4am starts and the 10 o’clock finishes… it’s just become quite difficult to juggle radio, the work that I love at the West Australian and also Sky News," Jenna said.

"So I’ve made the very tough decision with my loved ones and my mentors to step away from Triple M Breakfast."

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Basil paid tribute to Jenna after her announcement.

"To be full time with Sky News while being able to stay full time with the West Australian is absolutely remarkable, and an unbelievable credit and feather in your cap," he said.

"And clearly you weren’t going to be able to be on the radio full time in the morning, the West every day, and Sky News every night, so I gotta say, as sad as we’re going to be obviously to lose you, as a friend: congratulations.

"This is a huge, huge career opportunity, it’s a trajectory I’ve enjoyed watching you sky rocket towards, and you’re going to absolutely smash it on TV so congratulations."

Xav also paid tribute in his own way.

"I’ve loved spending time with you, love the way you whack people left, right and centre," he said.

"I’ve avoided a few punches and worn a few along the way too!"

We also took some texts and calls from listeners who bid their own farewell to Jenna.


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Triple M Staff

21 October 2021

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