Jobs Recruiting for New Clarence Correctional Centre

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6 March 2019

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A major jobs drive is underway for the Operators of the new Clarence Correctional Centre in Grafton.

Serco, the company who will operate the new facility confirmed to Triple M that formal recruitment will kick off in July this year.

In a boost for employment both in the Clarence Valley, and Coffs Coast, Serco Asia Pacific CEO, Mark Irwin told Triple M that this is more than just prison officers.

“We are seeking everything from Administration staff to cleaners and also nurses”, he said.

Once operational, the state of the art facility will create over 600 new jobs for the local area in a wide range of roles.

While expressions of interest are currently open for all roles, Mr Irwin said that over 1100 applications have already been submitted by job seekers, but they still want more.

Roles include Correctional Case Officers, Health Professionals, Nurses, Trades Instructors, Facilities Management, Cleaning Staff, Security & Intelligence, and Administration and Support Staff.

Correctional and Rehabilitation & Reintegration Management positions will be the first to open for recruitment in July, followed by Correctional Case Officers and Health Professionals in October.

The remaining positions for roles such as Trade, Facilities Management, Cleaning, Security and Intelligence and administration will open over December and January.

Along with the recruitment, the Serco CEO said they are also currently seeking local producers, suppliers and service providers to create supply chain partnerships in areas such as food and consumables, uniforms and equipment, facilities management, transport and logistics.

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