Joe Satriani Concert Review

The guitar legend rocked Melbourne!

30 November 2018

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By Ronny Lerner

It’s not often that one of the world’s greatest guitarists strolls into your city, so when Joe Satriani graced Melbourne with his presence on Wednesday night, it was always going to be a special occasion.

And the Satch did not disappoint.

He might be 62 years old, but as his recent album ‘What Happens Next’ proved, the guitar legend is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, and Satriani displayed once again at The Forum that he is still well and truly at the top of his game.

The virtuoso’s incredible mastery of the guitar, and occasional use of his teeth to play his instrument, left his adoring fans standing in a stunned daze with their jaws agape for two hours, almost in disbelief at what they were witnessing.

A great mix of electric rocking tunes and beautiful slower numbers, such as ‘Always With Me, Always With You’, thrilled the packed house.

But while the spotlight may have rightly been on the sunglasses-clad Satriani for most of the night, he was accompanied by an excellent backing band featuring legendary multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally, who has played with Frank Zappa and Steve Vai amongst other musical luminaries, bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Joe Travers. 

Keneally juggled guitar and keyboard duties throughout the night, at times somehow playing both instruments at the same time.

And he showed how incredibly talented he was as a guitarist while duelling with Satriani in jams during ‘Ice 9’, ‘What Happens Next’ and ‘Super Funky Badass’, holding his own with aplomb.

The biggest receptions were reserved for classic tracks ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’, ‘Cool No.9’, ‘Summer Song’ and the iconic ‘Surfing With The Alien’ and the crowd participation during ‘Crowd Chant’ was also a highlight.

Satriani delivered a setlist which featured a nice spread of songs from his incredible discography, leaving old and new fans alike very satisfied on their way out of the venue.

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Satriani has three more shows on his Australian tour in Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. Click here for tickets.








Satch Boogie

Cherry Blossoms

Flying In A Blue Dream

Thunder High on the Mountain



Ice 9


Sleep Walk

Cool No.9

Joe Travers drum solo

What Happens Next

Super Funky Badass

Always With Me, Always With You

Summer Song



Crowd Chant

Surfing With The Alien

Blues Outro


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