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On Monday, Tanya & Steve spoke to Scott & Emma Basedow about their son Johannes.

On Christmas Eve of 2018 Johey was diagnosed with DSRCT, an aggressive childhood cancer. Being a rare disease there is no standard protocol for treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are commonly used but relapse is common. There have been a few cases of cured patients in America, and Johey's parents are determined that he is one of those!

Johey and his family are currently in the United States for him to have surgery, which comes in at a massive cost of AUD$225,000 including post-op care. While operating, Johey's doctor found 2835 tumours, most the size of pencil marks. He has had his spleen, appendix and gall bladder removed, and part of his pancreas, stomach, small intestine and colon also removed.

Johey has been a fighter through everything, but his treatment does not end here and he still has many rivers to cross. This situation has taken a massive financial strain on the Basedow family, but with the help of the community there is hope. Johey's parents have set up a Go Fund Me page to try and raise as much money as possible to cover costs incurred.

During Tanya & Steve's chat with Johey's parents, they were also joined by Michael from Nova Air & Electrical, who heard about Johey's story and decided he needed to help. The team at Nova Air & Electrical have generously donated $2,000 to Johey's Go Fund Me!

If you would like to make a donation, please do so by clicking here.

24 November 2019

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