John Butler's Childhood Guitar Teacher Gave Up On Him

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During our Oztober lunch, Gleeso spoke to John Butler - front man of the John Butler Trio - about his love for skateboarding, broken arms, and more!

He shared his journey to becoming the Oz music legend he is today, including rejection from his first guitar teacher, and inheriting his grandfather’s slide guitar.

John also spoke about the Foundation he runs called The Seed, which helps budding musicians find their feet in the industry.

We believe there's so much great Australian music out there, and we believe the more music that is out there, the deeper and better our culture is. So we're just trying to help as many artists as possible become self-sustained... If an artist can become self-sustained, that is the definition of success.

- John Butler

To hear John's inspiring story, and what's he's getting up to now, listen to the full chat below.



26 September 2018

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