Josh Frydenberg On The Latest Coronavirus Updates

On the Hot Breakfast.

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Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg joined the Hot Breakfast this morning to give some insight on the latest Coronavirus developments. 

Frydenberg discussed self isolation, rationing our resources, the measures the governments are looking to take going forward & the impact on the economy. 


Frydenberg revealed that restrictions on visitation to aged care facilities is the next precaution likely to be enforced due to elderly people being most at risk.

"Effectively this is a 'Team Australia' moment. This is a time when we all must come together, recognise that it's very challenging, not just for Australia - but for the world," he said.

"There will be the other side to this, and we'll get there, but we do need to pull together at this time." 

Frydenberg went on to discuss the ongoing talks with the supermarket chains and what needs to happen to spread our resources. 

The treasurer stressed that we have plenty of resources in Australia and that buying out the supermarkets is counter productive because it is depriving others of essential items. 

15 March 2020

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