Josh Frydenberg On The New Danny Frawley Centre For Health And Wellbeing

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Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg dropped by the Hot Breakfast this morning and told us about the new Danny Frawley Centre for Health and Wellbeing that’s opening in Moorabbin.


"This has been an issue of the St Kilda Football Club, so all credit to them and obviously Anita Frawley has talked about Danny’s real passion and his determination and commitment to making a difference to mental health, which is a real challenge for our community," Frydenberg said.

"So the Federal Government will be tipping in $8.5 million, and I’m really pleased that the state government is also making a significant contribution as well, and this will allow a wellbeing hub, a community hub, to be established down there.

"It will have education facilities, consulting suites, there’ll be an information point for school kids and other community groups to learn more about mental health, because not only do we want to provide a cure for people who have got challenges, but we also want to prevent people getting those challenges in the first place.

"So this will be a really important initiative… I think this will be a lasting legacy, and a fitting tribute to one of the great footballers and Victorians in Danny ‘Spud’ Frawley."

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Frydenberg also discussed the economy bouncing back, our relationship with China and more.


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Rudi Edsall

18 November 2020

Article by:

Rudi Edsall

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