July 1 Day of Prayer to Support Drought-affected Communities

Across southern Queensland

25 June 2018

Article heading image for July 1 Day of Prayer to Support Drought-affected Communities

A regional day of prayer on Sunday, July 1 has been organised as a show of support for drought-affected communities across southern Queensland.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio said a particularly dry autumn and winter to date had compounded another dry summer, which was testing the resolve of primary producers and communities across a large part of Queensland.

“The day of prayer is a concerted effort to show our region’s concern and support for all residents, their families and business people who are battling the drought,” Mayor Antonio said.

“The day is designed for all faiths and any resident to join in their own way to show they care for people whose livelihoods are being determined largely by the elements.

“We can show our genuine concern and offer hope for a break in the season. A prayer for fellow residents’ welfare is a fitting act of kindness.”


Full story here: https://bit.ly/2K8EQjg


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