Junee High School Students Test Homes In Riverina For Air Leaks

This could save you hundreds per year!

26 March 2018

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From today, Year 9 and 10 students from Junee High school are being trained in the use of specialised equipment to test homes for air leaks in order to save energy as part of the Junee Community Power Project.

Charles Sturt University has supplied a Blower Door test kit which uses infrared cameras to detect temperature differences indicating where in a room there may be an air leak issue.

The project will build on work by the CSIRO which found that spending around 200 dollars to leak-seal a home amounts to around 400 dollars in energy savings in one year.

“The cost/benefit is incredible. Students will not only leak test Junee homes but will also assess other energy saving measures that householders can adopt at little or no cost. The idea is to save energy without potentially using any high tech solutions.”

- Dennis Lambert, Chairperson of Junee Community Power Inc

The pilot project forms part of the school curriculum and includes testing homes, finding energy saving solutions and providing each householder with a report that gives a cost/benefit analysis.

The homes will be re-tested after solutions have been implemented to determine the actual gains achieved.

In addition, the project will have students build a database and a community web site.

“The social angle is something that is quite unusual. To provide collective benefit for all with a focus on the disadvantaged. I believe we can all learn a little from this perspective.”

- Mayor of Junee Shire, Neil Smith.

If successful, it is hoped that this pilot project will be rolled out across New South Wales.

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