Justin Longmuir: How Do You Tone Your Bum These Days? 不

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Freo coach Justin Longmuir, in the midst of finishing his very first season at the Dockers, joined Clairsy, Matt and Kymba for the first time to discuss how the season like no other has unfolded for him.

"J-Lo" recommitted his feelings on how he and Michael Walters are getting on at the moment, just how great a win it was last night and, then, this...

Kymba admitted that she saw the calendar invite to interview "J-Lo" and prepped to interview Jennifer Lopez, so, not one to waste good questions, she went ahead and asked Justin about which exercise is best to tone your bum.

"J-Lo" handled the question with aplomb.

"I'm not one for much exercise these days"

For Dockers fans, this is an honest, open and warm conversation with a Freo coach that looks like he's taking his team places.

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Unfortunately, The Dockers are likely to miss out on returning to the finals this year. A couple of moments here and there and it could have been a different story.

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8 September 2020

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