Karen From Brighton 'Calls Up' To Explain Herself

"I'm sick of it!"

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Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy were breaking down the viral interview out of Victoria, thanks to 'Karen from Brighton', when they noticed a caller on the line.

After walking Melbourne's the Tan - and flouting restrictions - stating she'd walked all of Brighton, Mick noticed someone from Karen from Brighton was apparently 'calling up'.

"Oh Mick! It's such a joke. Honestly," she said.

"I'm not on social media because I don't care about anyone. No, I really don't.

"I've walked past Shane Warne's house, I've walked past Rebecca Judd's house, I've walked past Bay St too many times. Seriously. I'm sick of it!"


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Ethan Meldrum

21 July 2020

Article by:

Ethan Meldrum

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