Sunday April 7 at Bandy Creek

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The concept is simple, the first Sunday of the month the Keep Esperance Beautiful team assemble at a prearranged location and they go about tidying up the area. They collect rubbish from the roadside, beaches and bushes. They do it because they love Esperance, and they do it with a smile!

Be a part of the group and give back to our beautiful Esperance community. A couple hours out in the sun in nature doing great for the region doesn't just help tourism and town aesthetics, but leaves you with a warm feeling in the stomach!

This time the team are meeting at Bandy Creek at 845. Plastic gloves and bags are provided and it is important to sign in for insurance reasons.

The pick up only goes for a couple hours, then everyone is welcome back to Bandy Creek for a Easter egg hunt (GREAT FOR THE KIDDIES) and a morning tea (also good).

Sean chatted to Noel Fleming who is helping organising the event on the Triple M Breakfast Show.

Bring your family, ask your mates and tell someone who has just come down to visit. Everyone is welcome, it is a great chance to meet and converse with members of the community who love Esperance, and to give something back.

The old adage many hands make light work, so get your hands down to bandy Creek on Sunday and help KEEP ESPERANCE BEAUTIFUL!

Sean Lindsay

4 April 2019

Article by:

Sean Lindsay

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