Keeping Pets, Big And Small, Warm This Winter

From dogs to horses!

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With cold, wet weather coming through and winter nor far away, it’s important to consider how to keep your pets and animals warm.

Dr. Lynne Bodell from Lynne Bodell’s Vet Clinic says that most dogs being exercised in the cold don’t need a jacket to stay warm, but some breeds do feel it more than others.

“Some of the short, very very fine coat dogs, the dachshund’s, the chihuahua’s, those very fine coat ones do tend to feel the cold more” Dr Bodell said.

When it comes to bigger animals, like horses who are kept in paddocks there are a number of things owners can do to make sure they’re comfortable throughout the chilly months.   

“The main thing with the larger animals, especially the horses, is that they have to have some form of shelter”.

Dr. Bodell said that if horses have been able to ‘hair up’  they will be able to stay relatively warm providing that they have some form of shelter to protect it from the elements like rain and wind, however if there isn’t any available there is a solution.

“That’s when the rugs are really important, and obviously if they want to keep their horses coat they have to about double and triple rug them in Wagga because our winter gets quite cold”.

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30 April 2020

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